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About The Company

As a Sales Rep Company DPG is an industry leader ; we know what works, we know what sells, and we know how to generate more buying momentum than other agencies. We have the experience, the team (350+ Reps), and the talent to turn growing companies into top selling brands—and nothing less. We only work with best best reps in the industry and we know who they are. DPG Distribution is a master sales representative of high-end retail consumer products with over 350+ Reps and calling on over 1200+ accounts. Products we sell are Consumer Electronics, Housewares, Automotive, Hardware, Health and Beauty, Sporting Goods, Pet, Lighting, Consumer Goods, and Pharmaceutical. DPG offers worldwide service in sales, marketing, distribution and in-store support in all significant channels including, academic, state and federal government, military, large to small consumer retailers, online merchants and rent to own channels. DPG has engaged over 350 very experienced sales reps, each of whom have day to day contact with their respective accounts. Find out how DPG can promote your brand and build your sales: call 866-416-4297.

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What We Do

From the branch headquarters and independent procurement facilities to execution at shelf level, DPG is your company extension in a challenging industry. We can also work with buyers to develop customized service requirements. DPG offers a proven record through our Independent Sales Representatives and Management Team in expanding sales, brand awareness, promotional execution and customer service. We will place your product into the hands of hundreds of buyers and make your dream a reality.

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Partner With DPG

Partner with us to grow your business and expand your reach. Benefit from our national sales representative network of over 350 reps and stay ahead of the competition. Why work with multiple agencies, when you can work with DPG? We manage all the reps for you. It is like having your own sales department in house. There is not a question as to whether your product will get into the correct buyer’s hands. Rather it is a question as to how soon you give us an opportunity to work with your product.

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Who we call on

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