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Why Use DPG Distribution?

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COST EFFECTIVE – Enormous savings to bottom-line!

  • Lower Manpower Costs – It is estimated that a factory-direct salesperson costs a manufacturer between 1.5 to 2 times as much as hiring an entire rep agency with multiple sales reps.
  • Predictable Sales Costs that are Directly Proportionate to Sales & Services Performed – Manufacturers’ Representatives are only paid on product that they sell and service. No salaries to carry!
  • Eliminated Fixed Costs – Manufacturers’ Representatives no fixed salary costs, no travel, training, benefits, or Human Resource administrative costs. Imagine what the costs would be to hire over 350 sales reps and manage them?
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IMMEDIATE MARKET PENETRATION – Relationships is the key!

  • Immediate Access to The Market — Manufacturers’ Rep firms are made up of experienced salespeople already entrenched in and familiar with the territory, its customers, the politics of the market, and its geography. They know the customer base on a deeper level and usually have lived in the market for years. They already have existing relationships and do not need to build them from the ground up.
  • Every Customer Interface Helps the Vendor – All sales calls, service calls, fieldwork, and interactions with a customer help the rep and vendor build the relationship with that customer. Time spent with customers on any product line helps all vendors’ product lines.
  • Never Out-of-Sight-Out-of-Mind – Rep Agents are constantly in front of the customer. Once a direct salesperson has made their pitch, he does not have the luxury of coming back without an appointment. A Manufacturers’ Rep always has a reason to be in front of the customer.
  • Increased Sales — The fact that people buy from people they like, trust, and feel comfortable with is well known. Manufacturers’ Reps have relationships with, and are selling to, the customers that vendors want to do business with already. Since the easiest customer to sell a product line to is an existing customer, in many cases it is easier for a Manufacturers’ Rep to sell to the vendor’s prospects. IMMEDIATE MARKET PENETRATION PERSPECTIVE & FEEDBACK. Most of our reps are former buyers or Sr VP’s at the accounts they call on, and some are sales reps that have called on these accounts forever. Our reps are in their accounts on a weekly basis.

MOTIVATED AND DRIVEN – Your success is our success!

  • Entrepreneurial by Nature – Manufacturers’ Reps possess entrepreneurial characteristics: They can spot opportunity, have an independent spirit, enjoy hard work, are self-confident and disciplined, possess good judgment, are adaptable to change, manage stress well, are goal oriented and profit focused.
  • Aggressive by Nature – A Manufacturer’s Representative is hungry by nature. Since reps pay their own expenses, they are always looking to close new business. Reps must sell to live. Salespeople that are not aggressive are in the wrong occupation. In sales you are either growing or you are dying.
  • Consistent – Because rep firms pay their own expenses and are not paid if they do not sell something, they constantly provide results. They do not have the luxury to go through the motions. Reps need to perform consistently for their customers and their vendors because their reputation is everything. MOTIVATED & DRIVEN.

PERSPECTIVE AND FEEDBACK – Experienced people eliminate mistakes!

  • A Different Viewpoint – Manufacturers’ Rep firms can invigorate a product line by providing fresh ideas and feedback on how to promote, market, and sell products to the marketplace. Reps know what works for vendors in their markets and can draw from previous experience with various methods, techniques, and tactics.
  • Better Market Intelligence and Feedback — Since Manufacturers’ Reps carry a mix of products and have a wide base of customers. Many times, they can sense market changes and opportunities earlier and more accurately than factory-direct reps who focus solely on their own product line.

DPG Distribution has built a reputation as the most productive manufacturers’ representative firm in the United States. If you want to sell your products in today’s highly competitive marketplace, you need an experienced manufacturer’s rep group that can work with your team and help place your products. DPG can get you in front of the buyers who are the decision makers for placing new products in their stores!

Partner with us to grow your business and expand your reach. Benefit from our national sales representative network of over 350 reps who call on over 1200 accounts and stay ahead of the competition. Why work with multiple agencies, when you can work with DPG? We manage all the reps for you and we only work with the best reps in the industry (We know who they are). It is like having your own sales department in house. There is not a question as to whether your product will get into the correct buyer’s hands. Rather it is a question as to how soon you give us an opportunity to work with your product.

Expand your Reach . . . Increase your Profits . . . Save Time & Money! We help you do all three – Quickly, Conveniently & Cost-Effectively.

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“George Davison has an excellent group of professional reps he works with. Their vast knowledge of what it takes to sell our particular products and their ability to think “outside the box” have helped propel Triplelite into an outstanding position. It is truly a team effort. George’s focus and dedication to Triplelite have helped us overcome obstacles, which someone with lesser experience, wouldn’t have been able to handle as professionally and efficiently. Triplelite would highly recommend DPG to anyone who has a great product and is looking for an experienced, professional and driven team to work with on bringing their product to the marketplace.”