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Strategic Partner | Santo Design Group

As our Strategic Partner, Santo Design Group often connects DPG to inventors and products that DPG brings to market. Likewise, DPG partners with Santo Design’s Direct Response and Digital Marketing clients to bring their products to market as their top distributor.




    Direct Response Advertising

    Direct Response advertising is the only truly measurable advertising strategy in the market today that can deliver immediate return on investment by generating trackable and immediate sales. With Direct Response you drive viewers to call in or visit targeted websites as a measurement of response. This puts consumers into a funnel of sales that allows for the testing of offer, price point, upsells and cross sells. The data gained from this methodology gives clear indication of consumer demand and desire for not just the primary product offer but of the ancillary products.

    The Santo Design Group  process starts with in depth campaign planning. We work hard to understand your business and how a campaign can fuel your success. Identifiyng the right KPIs and metrics help you really understand how DR builds your business and benefits your brand.

    Brand & Logo Creative and Management

    A great brand can make the difference between success and failure and is so important to get this right at the beginning. A great brand not only resonates and engages with its intended audience but can change perceptions within a business as well.

    Web Design & Development

    We understand the importance of building a strong foundation in everything we do. That is why design & development is one of our strongest areas. With over 60 years combined experience our team produce creative ideas that perform and the success of the campaigns are always measured by results. We service all industries and stay on top by being experts in yours. This includes B2B, B2C, eCommerce, marketplace, custom solutions, non-profit and startups.

    Santo Design customizes a digital commerce strategy to meet the individual needs and goals of each client. As a transformation partner that delivers solutions and services to help start-ups and established organizations optimize their business models, realize product monetization, and enhance user experiences and customer engagement while automating operations across the digital landscape.


    • Website design
    • Ecommerce website builds
    • Transactional site builds
    • Coupon generator
    • Custom development
    • Mobile applications
    • Web retainers

    Search Engine Optimization & Social Media

    Our SEO and Social team want to give you the tools to promote yourselves successfully: a digital platform that allows your whole organization to advocate as one. As with PPC campaigns, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program provides opportunities for brands to create acquisitions (sales, leads, inquiries etc), and help consumers to engage with your brand, building intent and driving people.

    Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    We use a tried and tested 'BLUEPRINT' methodology for running PPC campaigns. This framework has been formulated using years of experience running numerous, complex, high volume PPC accounts.

    Google Analytics Services

    We love analytics. We also love return on investment. Our team is here to help you understand your visitors and spend your budget more effectively.

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