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George W. Davison Founding Chairman and CEO

George W. Davison is the founder and CEO of DPG Distribution, a master sales representative firm with very seasoned and experienced sales reps. George is responsible for running all facets of the business from sales, operations, growth initiatives, to investments in strategic alliances across the globe. George has deep expertise in building strategic customer relationships, and his passion for customer success is the foundation of the culture for the Sales organization. He has a proven executive management track record and over 30 years of experience driving sales growth in the Consumer Products industry. George has the highest integrity, dedication, and a passion for success, and understands the hard work associated to yield results.

Mr. Davison has worked in management, licensing, development and marketing for the retail merchandising/ wholesale industry. He has been responsible for worldwide clients including Jimmy Buffett, Walt Disney World, Tom Brady, Pitbull, Jessica Simpson, Hearst Corporation, MLS, NASCAR, MLB, NFL, Warner Bros, DC Comics and many more. He has also sold multi-million-dollar accounts Craftsman, SoClean, Plano, Ottlite, Caboodles, Nufabrx, and Sharp to name a few.

He and his leadership team at DPG have successfully helped many companies, both large and small, find their path to success at retail. This includes USA and Internationally based manufacturers from all over the world. We believe that the values of loyalty, passion, courage, and service define who we are and how we serve our customers.

George has been married for 20+ years and has been a resident of Florida since 1987. He has a son who is 19 years old who is playing soccer in college and a daughter who is 16 years old. For fun George loves playing a round of golf and watching both of his kids play soccer at the highest and most competitive level.

“Your success equals our success and only the best TEAM with real connections and patience WINS in this industry.” George W. Davison



“I meet a lot of people in my business, and I have to say that George and the DPG team are some of the most hard working, professional people I have ever met. They roll up their sleeves and take their clients into the market in an aggressive, professional manner, achieving a market share that could never be accomplished outside of his efforts. And everyone I have come into contact with at DPG portrays the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and excellence that are rare in today’s market. I have brought several new business entrepreneurs to George and he has always treated them with the upmost respect and dignity, while shooting them straight with innovative ideas and marketing that will help them achieve success. I would never hesitate to bring a new business or idea to DPG because I know that client will always get a truthful, honest, professional assessment of their business plan and product sampling. From concept, to funding, to production, to marketing and distribution, DPG provides a one-stop solution for any client or company. I am proud to be associated with DPG distribution and proud to call George Davison my dear friend!”