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From the branch headquarters and independent procurement facilities to execution at shelf level, DPG is your company extension in a challenging industry. We can also work with buyers to develop customized service requirements. DPG offers a proven record through our Independent Sales Representatives and Management Team in expanding sales, brand awareness, promotional execution and customer service. We will place your product into the hands of hundreds of buyers and make your dream a reality.

Sign one contract and potentially have 350+ Sales reps selling your product tomorrow.  Complete coverage in days.

Our goal is not just to promote an individual item – we strive to sell a line, a brand, a dream. When exploring a potential partner relationship, we ensure our representation is addressing a business organization that has demonstrated proven sustainability, thereby ensuring that our partner portfolio remains of the highest quality. We do not represent everyone and only select manufacturers we believe have what it takes to be successful.

These standards of excellence reinforce our own organization’s credibility and reputation and in turn, contribute to our clients’ ultimate success.

Find out how DPG can promote your brand and build your sales: call 866-416-4297.

Sam Averbuch CEO, Regrip
“George and his team at DPG are true professionals and also great people in general. I enjoy working with them on launching our first product with them, Re-Grip, and feel a true sense of partnership. Our first National Hardware Show together this past May 2016, Re-Grip was honored with the Retailers Choice Award. And, this was only made possible with DPG being a part of the team. DPG is more than a sales agency, they also dive into the overall strategy of your product, manufacturing capabilities, the marketing and specific packaging designs of your product and work to perfect it; I have worked with many great sales agencies in the past but very few are capable of truly understanding the nuts and bolts of making a great product flourish, let alone diving into the details to make it better. DPG does! Most sales agencies are focused on a relatively few relationships with the ability to service a limited territory. DPG has the sales experience, the wherewithal, the commitment and the passion to drive a product forward with great success, all of over the USA, leaving no major retailer untouched; and in my case DPG has gone above, leveraging more relationships, allowing us to execute on global manufacturing and global distribution agreements to drive additional revenue.”