Actress and Producer Kate Bosworth and Filmmaker Michael Polish Join SpiiderGriip(TM) As Founding Equity Partners

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 13, 2020 / SpiiderGriip™ today announces its newest partners: filmmaking powerhouse duo, Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish. The couple joins the company as founding equity partners and part owners. With this partnership comes an exciting new line of phone griips™, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The custom XOXO line, which debuts today, is the first of several upcoming creative collaborations between Bosworth, Polish, and SpiiderGriip.

“As producers and filmmakers, it has always been important that we have the right tools to create quality content. We’ve been using SpiiderGriip for a while as a way to document our everyday lives,” Bosworth explains, “which is why it’s so fitting that we would become partners in this incredible venture, and even more so, design our custom XOXO line, inspired by our endless love for each other and our work. This is just the beginning of our journey with SpiiderGriip, capturing life’s moments no matter the circumstance: on set, on the go, or for special occasions with your loved ones.”

“With creativity being such a vital part of being an entrepreneur, it’s imperative to surround yourself with people that share that same quality,” says David Britt, SpiiderGriip’s co-founder and inventor. “Kate and Michael exemplify the word creativity, and most importantly, are good people. They are driven, talented, and highly focused individuals. That cannot be denied. The XOXO design they brought to life is brilliant, and shows the fashion side of a product that prides itself on security, comfort, durability, and functionality. It’s like the perfect blending of two worlds and truly speaks to the kind of people they are. My co-founding partner and I, along with the partner’s of the company, are honored to call Kate and Michael our partners and are very proud to be working with them.”

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