About the Company

DPG Offers Worldwide DistributionDPG Offers Worldwide Sales Representation. DPG Distribution is a master sales representative of high-end retail consumer products. Products we sell are Consumer Electronics, Housewares, Hardware, Health and Beauty, Sporting Goods, Lighting, Consumer Goods, and Pharmaceutical. DPG offers worldwide service in sales, marketing, distribution and in-store support in all significant channels including, academic, state and federal government, military, large to small consumer retailers, online merchants and rent to own channels. DPG has engaged very experienced sales reps, each of whom have day to day contact with their respective accounts. DPG initially focused on North America, and now is moving the focus to Latin and South America as well as to Europe.

Wells Fargo FundingDPG offers PO funding for our manufacturing partners through Wells Fargo Bank. From the branch headquarters and independent procurement facilities to execution at shelf level, DPG is your company extension in a challenging industry. We can also work with buyers to develop customized service requirements. DPG offers a proven record through our Independent Sales Representatives and Management Team in expanding sales, brand awareness, promotional execution and customer service.