Chris Marshall

DPG simply delivers results to all clients they engage. Where most sales companies promise success, DPG deploys resources and gets it done. DPG is made up of seasoned professional rainmakers delivering results to a wide array of clients in ways other sales companies have not dreamed of. From mass retail, specialty retail, online, catalogs, DRTV, to actually assisting with manufacturing, design, and funding. DPG’s competitors don’t have chance to compete. I am asked all of the time, does DPG deliver and my response is simply, ‘every time’. Ask clients, they will tell you, DPG has solutions to every challenge…heck, they will even help you manufacture it if needed. As DPG’s manufacturing partner, I have seen DPG clients reach their sales goals at retail, online, catalogs, and DRTV. DPG deploys its army of resources to reach client goals resulting in lasting success, time after time… Simply put, they deliver!

Chris Myers, Presiden

The team members from DPG Distribution are first-rate professionals, who care about the success of our company and our products. The Sales Representatives for DPG work tirelessly on our behalf around the clock and around the globe. We expect big things for our EnviroTestKits® division and our Safe Home® brands, because we chose DPG.

Jennnifer Eckstein Coon

DPG has been invaluable in the launch of my product. From their industry knowledge to referrals of vendors, I would never have been able to make the progress I have with the same amount of time or money on my own. They truly feel like a partner. The time and attention dedicated by my representative, Laura, is deeply appreciated.


DPG is the REAL DEAL! They are an absolute pleasure to work with. Everything they have promised to us so far they have delivered on. Its refreshing and encouraging knowing that there are still good companies out there who are working in the best interests of their clients! The team at DPG is always available, always answers our questions, and is always there when we need them. Thanks DPG

Steven Kuhn

Having a company in Europe is a real challenge for doing business in the USA. We were a bit puzzled as to how we should go about it…enter DPG Distribution with the turnkey solution we were looking for. Being a brand well known in Europe, it was challenging to accept the differences in the way we needed to market and promote our product in the US. The decision, after some resistance from us, was then to trust 100% in DPG and their market knowledge. Without hesitation, we can say that that was the proper decision and we have never looked back, in a short time we now have a wonderfully successful partnership, with appointments with major retailers already booked.

Tina Marie Connors

How lucky I feel that DPG believes in my product and because of them I’m able to enter a partnership with major manufacturer that will help support DPG as they take Towel Down to market.

I’ve been waiting 15 years to realize my dream and DPG made it happen in a few months. For years I tried to find a manufacturer and DPG found one right away. They have introduced me to trusted contacts and connections that I never thought were possible.

The trust I have in DGP is immeasurable. I’m so fortunate to work with the DPG team. I have the utmost trust in George and Laura and the trust and respect they have towards each other is evident. I’m so fortunate to work with both of them.

Dean Leipsner

Even though we’re a new client with DPG, we are impressed! In only a few months we have had meetings with some of the biggest retailers in the country, with many more planned. And we know that big orders for our products are right around the corner. We could have never made this happen so fast without all the professionals at DPG. When they say they’re going to do something, they do it. It’s been a pleasure so far and we look forward to a long and successful relationship.


DPG has been amazing. They have held our hand through the process of learning to work with a distribution company, and provided the guidance and support any new company would appreciate. Their can do attitude, and eagerness to perform, was what made it easy for us to work wit…

Sam Averbuch

Re-Grip: George and his team at DPG are true professionals and also great people in general. I enjoy working with them on launching our first product with them, Re-Grip, and feel a true sense of partnership. Our first National Hardware Show together this past May 2016, Re-Grip was honored with the Retailers Choice Award. And, this was only made possible with DPG being a part of the team.

DPG is more than a sales agency, they also dive into the overall strategy of your product, manufacturing capabilities, the marketing and specific packaging designs of your product and work to perfect it; I have worked with many great sales agencies in the past but very few are capable of truly understanding the nuts and bolts of making a great product flourish, let alone diving into the details to make it better. DPG does!

Most sales agencies are focused on a relatively few relationships with the ability to service a limited territory. DPG has the sales experience, the wherewithal, the commitment and the passion to drive a product forward with great success, all of over the USA, leaving no major retailer untouched; and in my case DPG has gone above, leveraging more relationships, allowing us to execute on global manufacturing and global distribution agreements to drive additional revenue.

Rick Dlinn

George Davison, the CEO of DPG distribution has set up a nationwide sales organization for Repelwell. They are extremely professional and have the reach to work with every major retail Chain in North America. They have already placed our products in Wal-Mart and within the next few weeks will be seeing Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, Travel Centers of America, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. There is no way we could have access to these retail giants without their organization. We are looking forward to the future!