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Sam Averbuch CEO, Regrip

Re-Grip: George and his team at DPG are true professionals and also great people in general. I enjoy working with them on launching our first product with them, Re-Grip, and feel a true sense of partnership. Our first National Hardware Show together this past May 2016, Re-Grip was honored with the Retailers Choice Award. And, this was only made possible with DPG being a part of the team.

DPG is more than a sales agency, they also dive into the overall strategy of your product, manufacturing capabilities, the marketing and specific packaging designs of your product and work to perfect it; I have worked with many great sales agencies in the past but very few are capable of truly understanding the nuts and bolts of making a great product flourish, let alone diving into the details to make it better. DPG does!

Most sales agencies are focused on a relatively few relationships with the ability to service a limited territory. DPG has the sales experience, the wherewithal, the commitment and the passion to drive a product forward with great success, all of over the USA, leaving no major retailer untouched; and in my case DPG has gone above, leveraging more relationships, allowing us to execute on global manufacturing and global distribution agreements to drive additional revenue.