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Chris Marshall President, IFAECG

DPG simply delivers results to all clients they engage. Where most sales companies promise success, DPG deploys resources and gets it done. DPG is made up of seasoned professional rainmakers delivering results to a wide array of clients in ways other sales companies have not dreamed of. From mass retail, specialty retail, online, catalogs, DRTV, to actually assisting with manufacturing, design, and funding. DPG’s competitors don’t have chance to compete. I am asked all of the time, does DPG deliver and my response is simply, ‘every time’. Ask clients, they will tell you, DPG has solutions to every challenge…heck, they will even help you manufacture it if needed. As DPG’s manufacturing partner, I have seen DPG clients reach their sales goals at retail, online, catalogs, and DRTV. DPG deploys its army of resources to reach client goals resulting in lasting success, time after time… Simply put, they deliver!