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Sales Representative BJs | Experienced On How to Sell to BJs

Sales Rep has over 25 years of national and international experience providing exceptional team performance, product management, acquiring product development contacts, and increasing profits. We understand the structure of market development, from product design and development, financing, marketing, wholesale and retail sales, and how to work with the people at every step of the process. FP seeks to develop accounts of any size, typically starting with $100,000 and working up to multi-million-plus accounts.

FP is the bridge between manufacturer and a full spectrum of retailers —from e-commerce to storefront. We connect retailers to products and manufacturers to retailers. We have the experience, integrity and knowledge that gets product placed and business accomplished. FP expertise will connect your product with the right retail outlets. We develop and manage successful, long-term working relationships. With 25 years of experience of product marketing, we have the knowledge to avoid pitfalls and regulatory issues to help our clients achieve sustained and profitable market expansion. We analyze subtle, often overlooked product issues, such as patent and copyright protection and risk assessments.

Thorough research and attention to detail allow us to forge solid market relationships by bringing the right people together. By ensuring frank, clear communication at all times, we set the basis for enduring partnerships. A major part of the process of developing workable, long-term relationships is seeing to it that our clients’ expectations are understood and met. To that end, we prepare suppliers and retailers to work together, and have the resources to achieve their goals.

Key Accounts: BJ’s, Wayfair