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Sales Rep Dick’s Sporting Goods | Selling to Dick’s Sporting Goods

How to Get Your Products into Dick’s Sporting Goods

Our Sales Representative Dick’s Sporting Goods using the experience our team has over the last 40 years can help make it easy to get into this retail store.

As Dick’s Sporting Goods continues to grow reaching almost 8 billion in sales, our sales representative Dick’s Sporting Goods program is the best way to get on the shelves and grow your brand.

Sales Representative Dicks Sporting Goods

Sales Representative Dick’s Sporting Goods

Our Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales Representative represents manufacturers of both sporting goods and toy products. Our expertise in sales and marketing spans over a combined 40+ years. We pride ourselves on developing extremely close professional and personal relationships and work hand-in-hand to ensure all parties prosper.

Added to our sales experience, we have worked on the manufacturing side and have first hand knowledge of what today’s corporations require. Our understanding of the opportunities and challenges afforded by producing goods get you a Manufacturer’s Rep with depth and breadth that few can match. Whether you are a major supplier or a small niche factory, Sales Representative will manage your business with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Key Account: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Walmart ECommerce (Walmart, Jet, Hayneedle) and GNC.