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Sales Representative Giant Eagle | How to Sell to Giant Eagle

Sales rep is a Michigan based MFG Rep Firm. Sales Representative’s firm has been in business since 1981. He and his team call on Grocery, Hardware, Drug Conveinence and Dollar Stores. Sale Rep Graduated from Michigan State University in December of 1976. He has worked for Oscar Mayer from 1976-1978, worked at GE from 1979-1981. After that he went into the MFG REP Business, where he has sold multi million dollar lines in many categories ranging from cleaning scrubbers to Trash bags.

Key Accounts: Accounts include Meijer (Grand Rapids), Spartan (Grand Rapids) Grocery, HT Hackney (Grand Rapids) Convenience, Marcs and Discount Drug (Drug) in Cleveland. In Toledo Bostwick Braun- (Hardware) In Pittsburgh-Giant Eagle- (Grocery} Universal and Capital Distributors, 2 Convenience Distributors in Detroit and Dollar Store Distributors.