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When you partner with us, in our search for exciting ideas, our WLL community’s collective knowledge, vetted resources, and the range of existing brands work to collaborate and help manage your experience in the distribution channel of TV Shopping Retail. We wish to support you in a style that offers high potential and maximum results at minimal risk. Sales Rep will work hard to offer you the most opportunities for your creative ideas to reach the largest audience possible and your product achieve its greatest potential in a safe, confidential and well-established environment that makes meaningful change!

Our Team has over 100+ years of combined experience and knowledge that always places an emphasis on quality of your product development for a vast variety of industries. To not only bring your products to TV, traditional brick & mortar and the web but to also find the best manufacturing and distribution partners for the job. Each day, we challenge our Entrepreneur community to invent and develop new products for the engaged community of consumers…our HSN audience. Sales Rep has the resources and know-how to help you through every step, from concept, completion to TV retail, and YOU the Entrepreneur are engaged all along the way.

As product curators, we review and evaluate hundreds of idea submissions each week to find the pitch the best products to our exciting show buyers of AD of HSN. We look forward to reviewing all consumer products that solve a problem and make life easier and more exciting for our HSN community!

We take pride to: Discover and Evaluate Products on Uniqueness against Competing Products, Position your Features | Benefits, Review in-Depth Your COGs | Manufacturing Costs (assist and see if we can help you keep more $$$ in your pockets), Establish a Comparable Retail Pricing, Liability | Safety, Marketability, Commercialability and Patentability.

Entrepreneurs – parents that birth great ideas, DIY-ers, scientists, designers, inventors, artisans, discoverers, originators, creators, makers, chefs, techies, and inventing newbies – are all like YOU and are what make-up the WLL community. We all start the same way with a mission in mind! We enjoy securing hundreds of deals from our community of idea people. We always pursue the most competitive terms and margin structures on your behalf. Your success equals our success. To date, our products, in partnership with our community of entrepreneurs and manufacturers, have had success with more than $500 million in sales.

Our focused method of branding and product development makes us DIFFERENT. Tell us about your product and we’ll position YOU and YOUR product for enhanced market success! Our devoted teams use proven procedures to commercialize your product whether it’s a groundbreaking devise or gadget, the hottest fashion or beauty trend – we want to make your dream product the next big HSN AD Victory!

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